Current Works 2017=2019

Current work is an enquiry into how we communicate through our bodies and through language - it is about shape, outline, sign and form, drawn from the landscape, architecture, our domestic environment. It considers our place within those spaces and the objects that surround us,  used and observed. There is no imitation or direct reference. The response is more subtle, personal, intimate and ritualistic. It is especially relevant at this moment when expressions of identity—personal, national, global are so much a part of cultural conversation - often a complex coded linguistic puzzle. I want the work to engage with the space between expression and understanding; as referential forms teeter toward abstraction and vice versa. 

Recent Shows

Cheesburn Sculpture Park 2018

Series: It's Language Jim..... parts 1 -8

Protocol - Q Parks, Cavendish Square, London Frieze 2018

Installation piece - Curated by Vanya Balogh

Test 123 - Unit 3 East London Arts 2019

It was a privilege to show alongside Gillian Brent, Shiela Vollmer and Alexandra Harley in Unit 3, an artist led gallery space in East London, May 2019. My thanks to John Bunker @instant loveland for curation and support. 

Curated by John Bunker. 

Cotswolds Sculpture Park 2019 - showing until September 2019

Web Build: Jill Gibson 2019