The work offers nuanced observations of our immediate environment, and examines how we communicate and respond within those spaces we inhabit. These concerns are often social, political, and ecological, all observed from a female perspective.
There is no imitation or direct reference. The response is more subtle, personal, intimate, evoking a sensuality and eroticism and one which is often ritualistic.  

Current and Upcoming

Bells of Lapua: An interactive large scale sculptural works based on the lives of female factory workers in the 1970's in Lapua, Finland who lost their lives in the largest industrial accident in Finland's history. 
Roots: Video Installation - based on the extraordinary life of Jeanne Barret, the first woman to (unwittingly) circumnavigate the globe.
I am Seeping: a large scale sculptural, interactive and site specific work which explores themes from global extraction, exploitation and pollution of raw materials, to the minutia examining degeneration, demineralization, of our very being.
Beneath our Feet: an interactive large scale, site specific sculptural work, suitable for parks, gardens and woodland which explores and examines the often unseen world beneath our feet, again examining areas including decay, fragility and transience.
For further information and details of current proposals available please contact: galeriegilardie@gmail,com If you are interested in exhibiting large scale sculpture and video works which examine historical female narratives and female iconography, fragility, and transience please contact me for further details. 



I am currently spending a month in Lapua, Finland, at the cultural center, Vanha Paukku, an art and culture center located in the town center. Thank you for the invitation Vanha Paukku. 
Lapua Artist Residency 2023

Expo Moulin

18th July 2023 - exhibition of sculptural works by selected French, British and Zimbabwean internationally acclaimed artists at the Moulin de La Pierre Gallery, Vilhonneur 16220 Charente, France. Details: Free entry. open 2pm - 6pm daily. 

Time to Celebrate

It is a pleasure and honour to have been selected with our proposal Le Remuage, a celebration of the achievements of Madam Babette Clicquot who revolutionised the manufacturing process of Champagne. Le Remuage is now installed in the garden at Domaine Champagne Gosset, Epernay, France and is available to be viewed during opening hours at the Domaine until 10th September 2023. 

Le Reumage 2023 @Champagne Gosset, Epernay, France 
Photo credit: Fiona Paterson

Selected Works 

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